Arthur Pendragon (most_generous) wrote,
Arthur Pendragon

My lady Guinevere,

You humble me. Thank you for your courage.

Thank you also for telling me about the place where you are staying now. Here where things do not end, it is strange to think of the end of the universe. I cannot imagine it. I am afraid I will not be able to see it, nor will I ever see the lake and forest beyond the bar. I am bound to this land by oaths I will not break; if I leave it, the land will have no protection, and its place outside of Time will be threatened.

I cannot come and see you there. I can, however, invite you here. I understand from Merlion that Milliways is only a temporary dwelling-place. My land, with its apple orchards and its river, its wide fields and its castle, is a permanent home for all of us, and there is space in it for you. In fact, there is a suite of rooms that has been left empty since the day the castle was built, and it waits only for your use. Madam, this kingdom gravely lacks a queen, and it gravely lacks your presence. Will you not come home?

I have set my architects and builders to make you a chapel. If you come, it will be built and ready for you, although the walls may still be bare. I am afraid I cannot provide the priest to consecrate it and offer mass there; we have few Christians in this kingdom.

Answer this letter as you will, when you will. If you tell me that you cannot decide yet, then I will wait for you as long as you like. If you say no, you will not come, then I will never trouble you with the invitation again. If you say yes, then I will send for you within the week.

Please come, madam. I have missed you for longer than I knew.

Arthur Pendragon
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